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If you’re having trouble locating the part number for your turbo, we have put together a useful guide of the most common turbochargers used in the market.

Navigate to the turbocharger manufacturer used in your vehicle to discover how to locate the part number.

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Holset Turbochargers

Holset Turbo Charger

Holset use the assembly number as the part number, they also usually start with a 3, the turbo type can also be useful when trying to narrow down a Holset turbo to application.

Holset who are part of the Cummins group design and manufacture turbochargers for diesel and heavy duty applications, usually offering solutions for engines 3 litres and above ranging from road vehicles, marine vehicles generators etc.

Holset Part number: 3795976
Turbo Type: HE500WG

BorgWarner Turbo Systems

borg warner

Borg Warner part numbers are again usually located on the compressor housing (or in some instances on the underside near where the oil/drain pipes go) on a small plate. They also have the biggest range of  part numbers and variations used so it can be a little more difficult.

Borg Warner turbochargers are also fitted to a wide variety of applications from commercial boats, trucks to normal passenger and even Motorsport (see the EFR range)

They often have KKK or a K in a triangle stamped on the compressor housing, they also use technologies such as variable turbine geometry (VTG) which using an Electronic actuator to operate a set of vanes in the turbocharger (similar to the VNT system that Garrett use)

Borg Warner Partnumber: 5435-988-0002

Other Translations: K35-2, 5435-970-0002, BV35-02

Mitsubishi Turbocharger


Mitsubishi turbochargers (MHI) have a 5 digit prefix followed by a dash then a 5 digit suffix and often start with a 4.

Mitsubishi (MHI) also supply many of the European automotive makers such as BMW, GM, JLR, PSA, Renault, Volvo and VW and fit a range of engines from 600cc smaller engines to 10MW heavy duty marine engines.

They also use variable geometry and multi-turbine technologies combined with vacuum, pressure or an electronic actuator.

Mitsubishi Part number: 49131-05212
Manufacturer O.E: 6U3Q6K682AF

IHI Turbo


IHI use the Turbo Spec as the turbocharger part number, they usually use 4 characters, usually two letters and two numbers or 4 letters.

IHI turbochargers have found application in the automotive, heavy truck, marine, construction machine and industrial engine markets. The RH series for instance specialises in a compact design mixed with advanced aerodynamic design to allow for better performance across the range.

IHI Partnumber: VA60
Manufacturer O.E: 35242052F

Garrett Turbochargers


The part number for garrett turbos can be found on the aluminium compressor housing usually on a little rectangular plate or ground off area and normally consist of numbers that start with a 4, 7 or 8.

Garrett is the most popular turbocharger manufacturer for most common road vehicles.

Garrett usually casts its brand onto the compressor housing. Newer turbos come equipped with variable geometry turbo technology (VNT) and sometimes electronics in the form of a Rotary Electronic Actuator) REA which operates the Turbo through the VNT system.

Garrett Part number: 723341
Manufacturer O.E: 4U3Q6K682AJ

In this instance the turbo number starts with a 7 and is 723341, this turbo is part of the GT1544V type or family, which consists of several other unique turbochargers.

Toyota Turbochargers


Part numbers on Toyota units are either located on a plate similarly to the Garrett units however the important and usually the most easily accessible is located on the turbine housing where the turbocharger connects to the manifold.

Toyota are the only manufacturer to design turbochargers exclusively for its own applications and fit models from the Supra to the Hi-lux!

Toyota Part number: 17201-74040