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Hybrid Turbo & Custom Turbocharger Designs

Hybrid turbos are designed to allow the extra flow of pressure to create higher boost pressures enabling more BHP and more Torque.

Why Should A Hybrid Turbocharger Interest You?

Improved BHP

Most of the time, the idea of building a hybrid turbo is to improve the overall power of your vehicle.

Improved Performance

Improve the performance and smoothness of your vehicle through the gears.

Improved Durability

Lengthen the life of your turbo by replacing brittle stock parts with upgraded ones.

Quick Turn Around

In a relatively short turn-around, we can drastically improve your vehicles performance

The Purpose of a Hybrid Turbocharger

The basic premise of a hybrid turbo is to allow extra air flow through the turbocharger unit. This increase in airflow will allow the turbine to turn at a higher, faster rate.

A hybrid turbo may look the same as a standard turbo on the outside but it is manufactured from much stronger materials that make it more reliable. Not only that, but the compressor blades have aggressive channels cut into them enabling the air to be gripped and forced into compressor housing. This modification overall creates more boost, equaling more power.

There isn’t one set design for a hybrid turbo. This is because there are many different options available if you wish to turn your turbocharger into a hybrid turbo. Depending on your desires, our turbo specialists can offer different choices. Contact us today and speak to a member of our team.


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Book in with Liverpool Turbos via telephone or email with your turbo part number, which you can find using our handy guide. Once you’ve got your time and date, bring in your vehicle and our team can start working on your turbocharger unit.

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Once we’ve assessed your turbocharger and diagnosed its problem, we can make a decision together on the most effective choice. Be it a full repair, upgrade or a direct replacement, we can find a solution that is right for you.

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Build & Fit

We will either be able to provide a complete replacement for your turbocharger, or we can simple repair and rebuild your existing turbo. You can leave your vehicle in our secure compound, whilst our specialists build your new turbo.

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