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Pressure Smoke Testing

We offer a pressure smoke testing service to check your system for potential leaks. Using our Snap-On smoke testing machine, we can quickly identify leaks in your air intake, turbo & exhaust.

Pressure Smoke Testing

Detect leaks in your vehicles system with our pressure smoke testing diagnostic service. Our Snap-On smoke tester will reveal within 5 minutes whether your system passes or fails.

Do you need to pressure smoke test your vehicle?

If you’ve noticed any recent problems with your turbocharged car, then there could be a possible leak within your system. Problems in this instance can be specified as the following:

  • Decrease in vehicle performance
  • Black smoke from your exhaust
  • Turbo Hesitations (Turbo lag)

How does the smoke testing Work?

Our premium Snap-On official smoke detection system can help to identify leaks throughout the entire vehicle system. Pressurised smoke is used to detect very quickly leaks within the vehicle’s system. UV dye is added to the smoke to enhance easy detection. Common areas where leaks can be identified are:

  • Turbo Charge Pipe
  • Air intake system
  • Intercooler Pipes
  • Inlet manifold


Book In

Book in with Liverpool Turbos via telephone or email with your turbo part number, which you can find using our handy guide. Once you’ve got your time and date, bring in your vehicle and our team can start working on your turbocharger unit.

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Once we’ve assessed your turbocharger and diagnosed its problem, we can make a decision together on the most effective choice. Be it a full repair, upgrade or a direct replacement, we can find a solution that is right for you.

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Build & Fit

We will either be able to provide a complete replacement for your turbocharger, or we can simple repair and rebuild your existing turbo. You can leave your vehicle in our secure compound, whilst our specialists build your new turbo.

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