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Turbo Rebuilds & Turbocharger Repairs

If your turbo is damaged or needs repairing, we have a service available to recondition the turbo within 48hrs. If we have your turbo in stock we can recondition within 2hrs.

Diagnosing Your Turbocharger

Finding the problem with your turbocharger isn't a straightforward process, but if your vehicle is suffering some of the following problems then a problem with your turbocharger could be the cause.

Compressor/Turbine Wheel Damage

Damage to the turbine wheel in the turbocharger is often caused by entry of a foreign object entering the compressor housing. Something small enough can cause damage to the propellers inside the turbo unit.

Lateral Movements

You may notice or have been told about lateral movement or ‘play’ in the turbo-shaft. If this is the only problem with your turbocharger, the solution is usually quick and inexpensive.

Variable Vanes Sticking

This can often be indicated by a lack of power when driving. If your car is feeling more sluggish than usual, your turbo may be suffering from a sticky vnt system.

Actuator/Wastegate Problems

The wastegate actuator acts as a pressure relief valve, which ultimately controls the boost output of a turbocharger. If you’re lacking power in your vehicle, this could be the cause of the issue.

What to look out for

It’s worth knowing what you should look out for, to prevent further damage.

Entry of foreign objects from the air filter

Something as small as a rock or a stone could penetrate the compressor through your air filter and cause serious damage to your turbocharger.

Entry of foreign object from engine

Engine debris is often the cause of damaged turbochargers. A small piece of plastic or metal is small enough to cause extreme damage.

Blockage of CAT and DPF

Blockage in your DPF & CAT can cause many major problems with your turbo. One of them being a noticeable drop in boost pressure.

Oil Pressure in Crank Case

In some cases, you may find that your turbo is starting to leak oil due to an excessive amount of oil pressure building in your crank case.

Lack of Maintenance (Dirty Oil)

If your turbocharger has been starved of oil and received a low level of maintenance, this can cause damage to your turbocharger.

Excessive Exhaust Gas Temperature

Excessive exhaust gas temperature is a huge factor when it comes to the damage of a turbocharged vehicle.


Book In

Book in with Liverpool Turbos via telephone or email with your turbo part number, which you can find using our handy guide. Once you’ve got your time and date, bring in your vehicle and our team can start working on your turbocharger unit.

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Once we’ve assessed your turbocharger and diagnosed its problem, we can make a decision together on the most effective choice. Be it a full repair, upgrade or a direct replacement, we can find a solution that is right for you.

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Build & Fit

We will either be able to provide a complete replacement for your turbocharger, or we can simple repair and rebuild your existing turbo. You can leave your vehicle in our secure compound, whilst our specialists build your new turbo.

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